Damp proofing for properties across Edinburgh

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Damp in properties can cause unwanted, costly damage.

Damp proofing with a waterproof barrier is essential to protect your property from water ingress and rising damp. That’s where we come in.

Being established for over 60 years, you could say we’ve seen it all when it comes to homes suffering from damp. As such, we can also advise and offer the most practical solutions to this problem for homes across Edinburgh and Lothian. Don’t leave it to chance; if you’re concerned your home’s susceptible, call our damp proofing specialists today on 0131 555 2009 and get it solved!



To add the finishing touches to a home renovation, look no further than William Bain & Sons Ltd.



Why risk DIY when there are professional plasterers on hand to perfect your walls?



When it comes to plastering, ceilings can be the most tricky - so for a truly expert finish, call William Bain & Sons Ltd



At William Bain & Sons Ltd we operate a floor screeding service throughout Edinburgh in Scotland.



Weathered walls? Damaged brickwork? Unsightly exterior? With a range of external coverings to transform your exterior, we have the solution.



What are the main signs of damp?

If you spot any of these around your home, call William Bain & Sons Ltd right away:

  • Discolouration, discontinuity of colour in walls, floors or ceiling
  • Wallpaper soft, lifting or cracking
  • Damp patches on external walls or at floor level, near joints in walls
  • Mould and fungal growth
  • Excessive condensation
  • Changes in the look of plastering

Damp proof specialists can dely the spread of damp

Whether your property has never had a damp proof course or the existing one has failed, we can help. If damp gets into the timber structure the problem can get a lot worse. The structural timber is susceptible to rot and decay if it gets damp.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call our damp proofing specialists today.

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