Roughcasting in Edinburgh

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Weathered walls? Damaged brickwork? Unsightly exterior?

Do you need to arrange roughcasting in Edinburgh? We can help. Roughcasting is the perfect way to protect the exterior of your building, and it’s very popular in Scotland. We have the experts to do a great job to improve the appearance and resilience of your home.

What Is Roughcasting?

Roughcasting provides a durable coating to enhance your property’s exterior. It is a coating where small pebbles and gravel are mixed with the plaster or concrete and then applied to the walls on the exterior of the property.

It provides a rough surface that is also waterproof to protect your building. Roughcasting is similar to pebble dashing, but it’s more popular in Scotland.



Damp in properties can cause unwanted, costly damage. A waterproof barrier is essential to protect your property from water ingress and rising damp.

William Bain and Sons Collapsed Ceiling

Collapsed Ceilings

There is no better way to improve the apperance of your rooms than to redo the ceilings.

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Cornices are ornate features that add a special touch to a room. But over time, they can become William Bain & Sons to find out about our plaster cornice repair service.

William Bain and Sons - Worker Dot and Dabbing

Dot and Dab

We’ve been carrying out dot and dab projects for many years. If you require dot and dabbing, give us a call today to discuss your project and get a quote.

William Bain and Sons - Decorative Plaster

Ornamental Plastering

Ornamental plastering is a service we provide in homes, museums, theatres and other buildings in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. we provide both new ornamental plastering and restoration to ensure your room looks its best.

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Artex Covering

We can help you with all your Artex covering in Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

Why Choose Roughcasting?

If you have weathered walls, the brickwork is damaged or the exterior looks unsightly, we can offer a range of coverings including roughcasting. This is a great choice for refurbishments, new block works and all property types.

Roughcasting can help you to save money in the future by preventing the need for further maintenance because it will last for many years. The waterproof surface prevents further damage and looks attractive too.

If your walls are suffering from wear and tear, they have been neglected, they have stains from gutters or harsh weather has caused damage to the brickwork, you can use roughcasting to cover up the stains and damage and protect your building in the future.

Choose Our Experienced Plasterers

We only use the best materials from the top manufacturers at William Bain & Sons. Our highly experienced team has decades of experience, and we have provided roughcasting to a wide range of properties across Edinburgh and Scotland.

How long does roughcasting take? Not long when you choose us. We work quickly but professionally, and our pricing is competitive. We know exactly how to get perfect results every time, so you can trust us to do a great job.

Harling Repair in Edinburgh

We also provide harling repair in Edinburgh for a traditional Scottish style. This popular technique is perfect for stone buildings and provides long-lasting protection for your property. Pigment can be added to provide colour, so there is no need to paint. It was traditionally used for castles, but it’s also a great option for homes and businesses.

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Contact us to find out more about roughcasting in Edinburgh. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with a quote, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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