Specialist floor screeding services in Edinburgh

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At William Bain & Sons Ltd we operate a floor screeding service
throughout Edinburgh and Lothian.

We’ve worked on new builds, extensions and renovation projects. When it comes to screeding, it’s important to get the right mix to guarantee the structural integrity of your floors. With over 60 years of experience we ensure that you get the right grade and mix of screed for your project. We provide concrete screeding for domestic floors through to high strength industrial floors.



To add the finishing touches to a home renovation, look no further than William Bain & Sons Ltd.



Why risk DIY when there are professional plasterers on hand to perfect your walls?



When it comes to plastering, ceilings can be the most tricky - so for a truly expert finish, call William Bain & Sons Ltd



Damp in properties can cause unwanted, costly damage. A waterproof barrier is essential to protect your property from water ingress and rising damp.



Weathered walls? Damaged brickwork? Unsightly exterior? With a range of external coverings to transform your exterior, we have the solution.



Perfect screed, from a screeding specialist

We use self-levelling and self-compacting screed for optimum performance. The flowing screed is ideal if you are looking to incorporate an under-floor heating system. As screeding specialists, we expertly apply the screed layer so that the structure of the subfloor is not compromised. Badly-laid screed can crack and damage your floors so for screed you can rely on, contact our team.

Speedy screed

Do you need screed? Is your project on a tight deadline? Fast-drying screed can be applied quickly and dries within a few hours. This allows other building works to continue, saving you time and money.

Your project doesn’t have to stop. Contact William Bain & Sons for fast drying screed.

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For smooth screeding in Edinburgh, call us on 0131 555 2009