Smooth Render and Cement Pointing, Lime Mortars in Edinburgh

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Smooth Rendering and Pointing in Edinburgh

Do you need to arrange a smooth render or cement pointing in Edinburgh or the surrounding area? Then contact our team at William Bain & Sons. We’ve got many years of experience in smooth rendering and pointing, so contact us today to discuss your project.

What Is Smooth Rendering?

Smooth rendering, also known as a float finish or traditional finish, is a way of rendering an exterior surface to protect it from the elements while leaving a smooth finish. You can smooth render your house as an alternative to pebbledash for a simpler finish. Once it is painted, it provides the exterior wall with protection from the weather, and the render lasts for many years.

Rendering is different from plastering because it is applied to exterior walls rather than inside. Sand and cement render also uses more cement compared to plastering to provide protection from the elements.

William Bain and Sons - Worker Dot and Dabbing

Dot and Dab

We’ve been carrying out dot and dab projects for many years. If you require dot and dabbing, give us a call today to discuss your project and get a quote.


Damp Proofing

If you’re looking for a dampness specialist, then at William Bain & Sons our damp proofing experts will be happy to help you.

William Bain and Sons Collapsed Ceiling

Collapsed Ceilings

Ceiling repairs can be very tricky, and plastering ceilings is a specialist task. We can help with collapsed ceiling repairs at William Bain & Sons, providing an expert finish.

William Bain and Sons - Decorative Plaster

Ornamental Plastering

Ornamental plastering is a service we provide in homes, museums, theatres and other buildings in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. we provide both new ornamental plastering and restoration to ensure your room looks its best.

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Do you need to arrange roughcasting in Edinburgh? We can help.

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Cornice Repairs

Cornices are elegant and sophisticated ornate features that add a special touch to a room. But over time, they can become damaged. Contact William Bain & Sons to find out about our plaster cornice repair service.

Cement Pointing & Lime Mortar Pointing

The mortar in between bricks often becomes damaged over time, which can have serious consequences. It affects the strength of the walls, and it needs to be repaired. Pointing in the process of repairing the mortar or replacing it.

Cement mortar is the most common type of mortar, and we are experienced in cement pointing. However, many older buildings used lime mortar, which is true of lots of older properties in Scotland. In this case, you need to match the mortar used when pointing.

We have worked on older properties and heritage properties in Edinburgh and Scotland, using lime mortar pointing to help with the conservation of historic buildings. We also provide cement pointing for newer buildings.

How We Can Help

At William Bain & Sons, we are experts in smooth rendering, cement pointing and lime mortar pointing. No matter what type of property you have, from a historic listed building to a more modern home, we can help you.

Our experienced professionals have worked on many projects, and we will advise you on the best course of action and provide our professional advice if you are unsure which service you require.

We work quickly and professionally, and we’ll carry out smooth rendering to protect your home from the elements or pointing as required.

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Get Your Quote

If you need to hire a rendering contractor, whether you require smooth rendering, cement pointing or lime mortar pointing, contact us today for your quote. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to helping with your project.

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