Professional Roof Stripping in Edinburgh

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Most roofs will need to be replaced at one point or more in their lifetime.

When that time comes for your property, you should leave the roof stripping to the professionals at William Bain & Sons Ltd. We’ve been providing roofing services to Edinburgh and the surrounding area since 1950, so you can trust our expertise.
If you suspect your roof needs repairing or replacing, contact us today.



None of us look at our roof very often, but it's important to check it now and again, making little fixes to prevent costly damage down the road.



A durable new roof needn't cost the earth, and at William Bain & Sons Ltd, we work hard to ensure our customers get nothing but the best.



If you're tired of blocked or leaky guttering spattering rainwater across your driveway, all it takes is a phone call to William Bain & Sons Ltd to get a quick and easy repair.

Recovering roofs: the cost-effective alternative for roof replacement

An efficient and cost-effective alternative to roof stripping is roof recovering. This involves the installation of a new roofing system over an existing damaged one. The key benefits of recovering roofs is that you don’t have the added time and costs of removing and disposing of the existing roof.

Edinburgh’s trusted roofers

William Bain & Sons Ltd has thrived over the last three generations because most of our work comes from recommendations. That’s why you can trust in a top-quality job from our experienced professionals. We work with domestic and commercial customers, as well as housing associations, so no matter the size of the project we can help you out. If you have any questions, or for a free quote contact us today.

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